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Life and Laughter are energetically much stronger than sadness or seriousness. It is easier to smile when you have good health, true love, bags of money, respect and happiness in your life.

Some 5 years ago, we moved from our old romantic cottage to a modern house. You know the feeling of being wrongly dressed at a dinner, meeting or job interview? That was how it felt. There was nothing wrong with the new house and yet, when we had moved in, it felt funny. But not in a good way.

Nevertheless as the modern house was a given, we realized that we had to consult an expert to make the house feel like the perfectly tailored coat fit for all occasions. As such we asked Mieke Peperkamp, the feng shui expert from Heel je Huis (, to give us some help to make us feel at home. With Mieke’s help we made changes, waited to see how it worked out, then made more changes, wait again and then made more tweaks. The house felt more and more as a home, our health benefited and the finances improved a lot.

What we did find annoying was that it was very hard to find items and artwork to improve the ‘ch’i’ (energy) and which would fit seamlessly in to a modern western home. Eastern solutions to balance the energy don’t always look right in a house and as such don’t add anything to the ch’i.  Mrs. Black Hat spent hours on the internet looking for the right picture at a reasonable price and when she found it, she still had to spend a lot of money on having it mounted and framed.

As we have a lot of experience in doing the research, we believe we can save you time in scouring galleries and auctions for happy and colourful art and decorative items at a reasonable price as we have done all the research for you. Remember that your house or your interior decoration does not have to impress your family, neighbours or your friends. Your house should give you inner peace and positive energy, so that you can face the worries of normal life with a smile.

Have fun browsing in our Gallery and do come back regularly to see our new items.


Mr. & Mrs. Black Hat

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Oil and Acrylic Paintings

We have an eclectic collection of antique, modern and contemporary oil paintings for sale to suit your house or office.

Watercolour Paintings

Watercolour Paintings, Pastels, Prints and drawings

We sell a diverse range of antique and modern paintings, prints and drawings for every budget.



Our collection includes both antique, modern and contemporary glass art in a wide arrange of colours.


Wood art

Wood is a natural product that is around in a variety of colours, shapes and forms and is easily changed into useful items and art objects. We sell items from the collection by Edgar’s handmade, a contemporary artist.



Over many years people have used clay in all kind of manner to make beautiful and useful objects.  Our collection includes a wide range of items from various countries and time periods.



Sometimes an item catches our eye and when we believe you might like it too, we will list it in this section.

Vive Le Difference!

Although when it comes to business, both Mr. and Mrs. B like to deal with reliable, perhaps boring business partners without diva pretensions, outside of business we love to meet quirky people. People who dress and decorate to express their feelings or do their own thing, celebrating their own unique style. In the Netherlands these people are often referred to as Birds of Paradise.

Mrs. B. goes to her office on a daily basis and sometimes dresses like she will be meeting the queen. If possible, she will try to out dress the queen. It does not matter whether she will see anybody in the office as the place has been largely deserted since March. Mrs. B. says she dresses for herself and she will wear her pretty dresses and wear high heels just because she can.

In the same way, we painted a kitchen wall in the color Mambo, which is a bright blue purple. It nicely sets off the brightly colored tea towels. The remainder of the kitchen diner is decorated in neutral colors with accents in softer hues of blues, pink, yellows, orange, red and green. We can get away with it as we are so close to the seaside that a sort of sophisticated shack by the sea look agrees with the space. The light close to the sea is quite a lot brighter than the greyer light inland in the Netherlands.

Strangely enough a number of houses in the same area are all decorated in dark greys and whites without rugs or any wall decoration. Apparently it is the fashion here. A friend in New York told Mr. B the same look is also fashion in Manhattan. Even the furniture looks the same. We had dinner with the director of an IT company who happily told us that we could order things over the internet, which would be produced on the other side of the world, be shipped to us and it would be all handled by machines. How boring buying something generic which was not made with some love or enthusiasm for the product. We love people who love or have a passion for what they do for a living. It always shows in the product regardless of the type of product.

Mrs. B. asked her big sister why some of her paintings felt so miserable. She answered that these were on a subject picked by her art teacher. The paintings reflected the lack of love my sister had for the subject matter. Passion for any subject will always shine through whether it is painting, music or writing.

Why settle for something generic? Why be the same as the other people in the street? Maybe it feels safe, but is it you? Just remember that when the decoration of your house reflects your heart and soul, it will not be a house but a home.

Hugs and kisses,

Mrs B.

Art pieces

Why it is good to let go


At some time in your life, you find that people around you start dying and as following these sad life events, you will inherit stuff. It could be so much stuff that you find yourself overwhelmed. We dealt with  it by banging it in a cupboard and attic and thinking that we would deal with it later. I am sure that there are many others who have dealt with this issue in a similar way. Attics and garages become the places where stuff goes to hang out and breed dust bunnies and cobwebs with great enthusiasm. Of course you can ignore the problem until you die and then shift the problem onto your kids to deal with it.

Mrs B. inherited tea towels from great aunt Gertrude and a great quantity of household items from her late parents. And she banged it out of sight in to a cupboard and into a very large attic for about 4 years.  But one day, Mr. B. sorted out a number of obsolete books, which he no longer wanted and left them on the ground in the middle of the study. Mrs. B took them away, put them in a bag for the charity shop and then thought ‘wait a second’. She opened the doors of all the cupboards in the kitchen diner, living room, halls and bedrooms and started taking out stuff. She had faithfully stored unwanted items for 4 years, but now they went on the kitchen table and from the kitchen table in a box and then they were exported to the charity shop.

Great Aunt Gertrude’s brand new tea towels suffered the same fate as Mrs. B really did not want the daily annoyance of looking at brown, green and orange checked tea towels hanging against a yellow wall.  Also the perfectly decorated tea towels which did not dry glasses properly suffered the same fate as tea towels should look good, dry well and not need too much ironing. Mrs. B  has maintained this standard since then as life is too short for annoying tea towels. The Black Hats had so much glass stemware that half of it went to the charity shop and was never missed.

Anyway, it took 5 trips to the charity shops with the boot of the car loaded full with unwanted inherited stuff. It is amazing how many things a person can collect, when you momentarily look the other way.

With every trip, Mrs. B’s head felt lighter and her mood improved. Not having to face unwanted stuff anymore feels like freedom.  Never forget that you are free to decide what goes in and out of your house. The same goes for unwanted presents.

Our good friend Em still had all the gifts brought home by her then ex-husband hanging on her walls. His name was still on the card next to the doorbell. One day Mrs. B had coffee with her and asked her whether Em realized that the traditional Indonesian daggers hanging on the wall in the entrance hall were pointing at every visitor coming to her front door. She had not. Mrs. B then pointed out that the next work of art hanging there was a picture of a house with the doors locked with a big out of scale lock. Let us say that the remainder of her hall decoration was not very welcoming, whilst this particular part of the house is situated in the helpful people and travel area. A few days later Em called us and said that she boxed up all her ex-husband’s gifts and sent them back to him. She also made a new card only listing her own name to hang next to the doorbell. She felt relief when she had done so.

Another friend told me that she put all the unwanted gifts she received in a box, which she banged in the back of the cupboard. Another dust bunny fest!  According to Ms. Manners, once a gift is given, the recipient is free to do what he or she wants with it. You might want to take it to the charity shop. If you do so, please do so immediately so that no negative energy gets attached to the object. Or else, give it an accident and blame the cat, dog or your elbow. When Mrs. B.  suggested to her friend that a box of unwanted gifts is not very inspiring, she saw my point and sent them out into the world to find somebody who would appreciate the items.

We learned our lesson well. The last time Mr. B.  inherited stuff, we took possession, had a look at it and decided that it had to leave the house immediately to find another owner. And so it went..

By clearing your unwanted stuff, you will remove negative energy from your house. When you have a few things such a painting, print or other item that you truly love, find inspiring and improves your mood when you look at it, you enhance the energy  in your space allowing you to live your best life.

May the force be with you!

Hugz & Kisses,

Mrs. B.

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