Time to relax! A watercolor by W. Ross Keane

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We found this very beautiful watercolor in an auction in the UK and we really liked it from the very time we looked at it. We did find that it needed a bit of love when it arrived. As such we took it out of the frame and replaced the old discolored paper mounts with museum quality mounts, restored the original oak frame and retained the old glass, which is kind of wavy.

The painting shows people chatting and relaxing on a bridge over a small stream, whilst a jester plays the flute. There is another bridge in the background. A hunter with his crossbow returns and meets his wife and baby and a fisherman carries his fishing rod on his way home. Children are dancing, whilst people watch them enjoy themselves. The only person who looks a little put out is the little boy carrying reeds The size of the frame is a sizeable 92.5 cm by 51.5 cm. The watercolor itself measures 86.5 cm by 28.0 cm.

The painting is signed W. Ross Keane, but unfortunately our research did not yield any information on the painter. Given the style in which the picture was painted, we believe it was done in the late 19th century given the Arts and Crafts style in which it was made. It celebrates the end of the day when people have finished their daily chores and have time to relax. William Morris, one of the founders of the Arts and Crafts movement, believed passionately in the importance of creating beautiful, well-made objects that could be used in everyday life. He thought that products should be produced in a way that allowed their makers to remain connected both with their product and with other people. As such William Morris looked particularly at the medieval period for simpler and better models for the production of objects based on artisan workshops.

Unfortunately since William Morris' time, life has become even more and more hectic. As such, we hope you will enjoy this painting and tell yourself  'relax' !!!!