Seagull with life buoy, oil painting by Vita Schagen

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In Feng Shui an image of a bird will bring light, inspiration and good luck to your home. A seagull represents adaptability, resourcefulness as well as opportunities and favorable circumstances. In our view a life buoy is always a handy item to have around on the waterfront.

This beautifully painted little oil on board by the charming painter Vita Schagen is rendered in tasteful shares of cream, grey, turquoise and deep hues of blue. Mrs B. thinks it would make a perfect present to inspire a young lawyer. A lawyer once told her he wanted to be a Seagull lawyer; fly in screaming, poop everywhere and fly away screaming. Vita has signed the painting and provided a certificate of authenticity.

The painting has been framed in a neutral floating wooden frame and measures 27 x 33cm.