‘Happy Day’ oil painting by Aleksei Chebotaru

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Happy Days is a contemporary oil painting by the well known Ukrainian painter Aleksei Chebotaru. It measures 50 by 70cm and has been framed in modern neutral wooden floating frame.

When we saw 'Happy Day' for the first time, we knew we wanted it to have it for the Black Hat Gallery. It reminded us of drinking a cup of morning coffee in the garden on a gloriously summer day followed by a nice nature walk, a very boozy lunch (without calories) followed by reading a good book or some afternoon shopping and a concert in the evening. We should have more of these days...

'Happy days' is so colorful that it would enhance any area in your house which could use a boost. We will have to pry it out of Mrs. B's hands as she loves this painting so much. Don't worry, we will distract her with some peppermint choc chip ice-cream..