Oil painting: Exam tomorrow by Aleksei Chebotaru

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Exam Tomorrow 

The well known artist Alexei Chebotaru has painted this lovely little painting in shades of pinks, corals and creams. It depicts a little girl cramming for her exam the very next day. It is obvious that she is assisted by a very serious teddy bear providing mental support. We thought that it would delightful in the Creativity and Children area of any house, especially if there are children in the house. You will be able to point at the paint and tell them to look things up for themselves.

It is amazing how small things learned at school can have an effect on a later career. One of Mrs. B's business contacts thought she was well read in French classic literature. Mrs. B. had an amazing French teacher with a love for literature, which rubbed off. At her French literature exam, Mrs. B.  could tell the teacher the informal connection between Guy de Maupassant and Gustave Flaubert because she had read an extra book about French literature and she remembered that little detail at the crucial moment.

The painting has been framed in a whitewashed floating wooden frame for a fresh look, which complements the paint beautifully. The size of unframed painting is 33 x 43 cm and the frame makes it slightly larger.