Limited edition Volkswagen Camper by Anita Harris Art Pottery

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What can we say? We fell in love with this adorable red Volkswagen camper and could see us travel the world with it. Of course, we would have to carry it everywhere. As such it is also a highly environmentally friendly camper. It was made by the world famous, award winning Anita Harris Art Pottery, which employs Anita and her husband. The pottery mainly makes bespoke items and is well known for their colorful and abundant designs. Only 12 Volkswagen campers have been made by the pottery. They were also decorated with different designs and according to our information there is only one other Volkswagen camper with this decoration on the planet.

This camper is dent free and does not have any cracks or other bruises. You will not have to pay road tax or pay through the nose buying petrol, lubes or spare parts. No maintenance needed, beside a bit of spit and polish. It would go well in the travel, fortune and reputation zones in the house. Put it there with intent and see what happens.

The Volkswagen measures 30 x 19 x 20 cm.