Limited edition Koruyan glass vase depicting winged god

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Oh my, this amazing Koruyan Vase is a handmade limited edition (nr. 275 of 1,000 according to its certificate) in cream and black and was made by Pasabahce Magazalari of Turkey. It would go perfectly in the Good Friends area of your house as it is decorated with the protector winged god Assumasirpal II whose hand is raised as if in prayer. The headband and bracelet carry the motif of the life flower. The original relief is housed in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. It is believed that it originally graced the wall in a bedroom in the royal palace in Kalha of the Assyrian Kingdom as a protector against evil spirits.

It stands 35.6cm high. We should mention that this vase has been aged with dye and the certificate says to avoid direct contact with moisture and to only use a dry cloth for cleaning. As such it is eminently suitable for some silk flowers. This vase is so fancy that it comes in its own padded wooden box! It will be a chore to wrest it from Mr. B’s hands when it is sold as he is totally in love with it.