Hanging out on the beach by Julia Pamely

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Hanging out on the beach! 

There is no dirty laundry here although the crab appears to be looking for mischief.  Have you ever seen such generous seagulls?  These seagulls solemnly promise not to poop on the clean laundry. Mrs. B. sniggered at Mr. B's car who had received a bombardment of seagull poop. Instant karma; a seagull immediately pooped on her head. I kid you not, ask Mr. B who retains fond memories of the occasion.  This painting is full of color and includes purple, red, white, pink, green and grey and as such can boost many zones in your house. Julia has signed her initials on the painting and the painting is fully signed in verso.

The watercolor painting is mounted in an acid free mount and has been framed in a neutral wooden frame measuring 30 x 40 cm.