Oil painting: Gathering seashells by Johnny Morant

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Gathering Seashells

When we saw Gathering Seashells being offered on the market, we were delighted to secure the painting for our clients. What can be more important than gathering seashells during a walk on the beach? We get positively greedy as there is always a prettier seashell just a few meters down the shoreline. Despite the tranquil subject of the painting, it has loads of energy and movement. The colors are beautifully muted and light, just as you would expect at a bright day at the seaside.

Johnny Morant is a very well known British painter who has had many solo exhibitions in London. Looking at his website, Gathering Seashells was painted in 2016.I

The size of unframed painting is 60 x 60cm and the frame makes it slightly larger (78 x78cm).